Junior Agronomists - Africa

You will be trained in all aspects of plantation management and will gradually take on the responsibilities of a Senior Plantation Manager. These include:

Your position :

  • Overall in charge of the Agric. Department (nursery, nucleus estates and outgrower programme);
  • Organizing maintenance and harvesting operations of existing plantings;
  • in charge of a new planting programme of oil palm plantations;
  • In charge of several hundreds of contract field workers and up to 100 permanent staff;
  • Preparation of monthly agricultural report;
  • Supervision (technical and analytical) of agricultural experiments with the assistance of CIRAD;
  • Training of agric. staff in all aspects of agronomy (fertilization, soil management, sustainable production, phyto-sanitairy controls, etc.)

Your profile :

  • Masters degree in Agronomy (Biosystems Technology, Land Management & Economics); 
  • Experience: 2 to 5 years relevant experience;
  • Fluency in the French and English language is a must;
  • Dynamic personality with strong managerial skills and the capacity to relate to individuals from different cultures and back grounds;
  • Computer Literate;
  • Flexible and self-motivated.

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