Open vacancy

Group Electrical & Automation Engineer


Positions in this series perform work related to the design, fabrication, installation, maintenance, operation, inspection, and testing of a variety of control systems equipment including, but not limited to, electrical, electronic, pneumatic, computer, micro processor and variable frequency drive, electro-mechanical, digital, telemetry, and analog components used in wastewater process control systems; and perform other duties as required.


• Read and interpret analog equipment schematics, analog system network diagrams, plans, blueprints, and electrical wiring diagrams.
• Read and interpret recording charts, gauges, and other instruments.
• Work with hand tools and test instruments.
• Work and communicate with operations and maintenance personnel.
• Prepare reports.
• Respond to emergency call.
• Work outside under all weather conditions.
• Work in remote location (plantation) far from cities accomodations
• Set priorities and meet deadlines.
• Read and interpret plans, schematics, process control flow diagrams, system/network drawing, detail drawings and wiring diagrams.
• Perform complex maintenance tasks involving analog and digital equipment.
• Perform some original circuit design work as required to implement minor analog and digital equipment modifications.
• Direct the work of subordinate engineers and technicians. .
• Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action.
• Prepare new and/or modified equipment operating, maintenance procedures and drawings.
• Determine training needs of staff.
• Order parts and make repairs to equipment in a timely manner.
• Detail drawings and wiring diagrams.
• Provide direct assistance in the solution of unusual or difficult maintenance problems involving electrical and instrumentation systems.
• Monitor data collection equipment necessary to manage the electrical power purchasing program and power quality program.


• Respond to any emergencies
• Deliver work in a timely manner
• Ensure power supply in all factories
Keep documentation updated


• Solid line to Group CTO
• dotted line to designated site COO


• lower level staff in all subsidiaries of the group


• Have excellent computer, oral and written communication and presentation skills.
• Fluent in English.
• Analog and digital system fault diagnostic techniques and procedures.
• Principles underlying the construction and use of scientific instruments.
• Principles underlying the construction and use of chemistry and physics.
• Electronic and electrical low voltage circuits.
• Safety practices necessary for the work.


• Group level managers
• Local Factory manager
• Local maintenance Manager
• Local Project manager


A bachelor’s or master’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and/or Instrumentation Engineering with about ten years of experience in the design, operation, maintenance, and repair of industrial electrical & instrumentation, control or communication system components involving the application of physical, chemical, and electronic principles. At least five years of the required experience must have involved the maintenance of electrical or electronic equipment. Able to work with French and English speaking personnel is a plus.