CHC Ivory Coast

A brief history

In August 2007, Siat acquired 100% ownership of Compagnie Hévéicole de Cavally (CHC) from CDC London, who in turn acquired the company from the Government of Ivory Coast in the early eighties. 

The estate is located in the well-established rubber growing zone near the Ivorian border with Liberia. The estate is located 27 km from Zagné, in the prefecture of Guiglo in the region of Moyen Cavally.


CHC today 

CHC's operations include:

  • A Nucleus estate of 5,500 ha planted;
  • An outgrower scheme of 13,500 ha of rubber plantation of which the larger part is immature; 
  • A crumb rubber processing factory of 50,000 t/a capacity.


Future prospects and strategy

It is envisaged that Siat would seek an additional area of land to expand the plantation by about 5,000 ha. The development of this new area will be carried out to the highest industry standard.

CHC expects to expand the outgrower sector by about 1,000 hectares each year. In order to harness the interest in the outgrower scheme and maximize the area planted by outgrower farmers, the Company will actively promote extension services as well as making class "A" bud wood available for smallholder plantings at subsidized prices.

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