Environmental Responsibility

Siat firmly believes in environmentally friendly production. For instance, all factory waste of the oil mills is recycled into the plantation or used as fuel to generate green process steam and electricity. CIRAD assists our plantation managers with an integrated pest control and soil fertility management system.

Siat is an active member of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

All companies of the Group adhere to Siat’s Health, Safety and Environmental Policies.



As a major actor in the oil palm, rubber and cattle ranching industry, SIAT Group is aware of the impact of its activities on the people and on the environment. The Company is committed to undertake all its activities, from the resources to the transformation, in a sustainable manner, thus guaranteeing its partners and customers a responsible production which respects environmental and social values.   

Consequently, the SIAT group commits to:

  • Respect the legal and national rules, regulating all activities ranging from the production, to the processing and the export of SIAT’s products,
  • Respect the high conservation value areas by preserving areas of interest for the population, by protecting endangered fauna and flora and by preserving watercourses within the plantations,
  • Minimize the impact of the industrial activities on the environment, through the enforcement of strict procedures on waste management and on the use of hydrocarbons and chemicals,
  • Minimize the use of fossil energy by recycling industrial waste into ecological energy supply and reducing production of waste on the industrial sites,
  • Protect SIAT’s employees by minimizing occupational risks, by providing them proper personal protecting equipment and by providing an adequate health coverage,
  • Provide a fulfilling work environment, with possibilities for personal and professional development and with access to training courses,
  • Respect and take into account the needs of the local communities with the implementation of development initiatives such as employment creation, voluntary-based social projects, support for schooling, support for local planters…,
  • Encourage the research and development sector with key partners through research organizations in SIAT’s sectors of activity,
  • Certify SIAT’s oil palm activities in accordance with the RSPO (Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil) standard, which is an industry-specific standard for oil palm plantations which focusses on environmental and social aspects, certify SIAT’s rubber activities in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard (while awaiting the development of a specific rubber standard).
  • Improve SIAT’s level of performance and ensure regular monitoring of SIAT’s activities through periodical internal and external audits.

These goals are only achievable with the involvement and commitment of all workers and stakeholders of SIAT Group of Companies.


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