Policies and commitments

The Siat Group is one of the first RSPO members, joining in 2004. We participated in the development of national interpretations for Ghana, Gabon and Nigeria. This last one was recently approved and we do our utmost so that our subsidiaries in Nigeria can join our subsidiary in Ghana, RSPO certified since 2015 and the first African company able to produce and trade certified products since 2016.

The creation of the Sustainability Department in 2014 has enabled us to move forward, more specifically by formalising and validating various social, environmental and quality commitments.

Each year Siat allocates an important budget to maintain good relations with the communities and to environmental studies, despite the sometimes very low world purchase prices for our products.

We enhance our knowledge and environmental protection by preserving new zones within our concessions each year.

We consider the needs of our clients by modernising and certifying our production units.

We believe in transparency, and therefore our Sustainability report outlines the results and situation as objectively as possible. It reveals the progress made and discusses future developments.

At top level, the Siat Group validated several policies clearly defining its strategy and commitments towards the environment, social development, employee protection and respect of the quality demanded by our customers.

2021 SIAT Commitment to RSPO Certification

Group Environmental Policy
Politique environnementale du Groupe

Group Health and Safety Policy
Politique santé et sécurité du Groupe

Group Quality Policy
Politique qualité du Groupe

Group Human Ressources Policy
Politique ressources humaines du Groupe

Group New Planting Procedure




Status of certifications

CAVALLY 1.jpg ELELE 2.jpg GOPDC MILL.jpg OBARETIN HOUSING 2.jpg OLOGBO 20.jpg UBIMA NURSERY.jpg OBARETIN TRUCKS.jpg OBARETIN 8.jpg SAKPONBA NURSERY 2.jpg Rubber Plantation 2.jpg Oil Palm Loose Fruit.jpg Latex drop.jpg _B057293.jpg IMG_9126.jpg _B026214.jpg _B036449.jpg View on Oil Palm Nursery and Factory.jpg Tank Farm.jpg Girl in Nursery.jpg Oil Palm Nursery.JPG _B026392.jpg _B026413.jpg