Social Responsibility

Besides Siat’s firm ecological commitment, the Group also cares about its social responsibilities. In the catchment areas of its operations, the company assists communities with education and social infrastructure development such as roads, potable water, electricity, dispensaries and the like. These actions aim at creating commitment and stability, which in turn provide security for the Group’s investments. It is the Group’s aims to invest every year 0.5% of its turnover + 0.5% of the net profit in community development projects.



Project expenses compared to Siat’s goal

CAVALLY 1.jpg ELELE 2.jpg GOPDC MILL.jpg OBARETIN HOUSING 2.jpg OLOGBO 20.jpg UBIMA NURSERY.jpg OBARETIN TRUCKS.jpg OBARETIN 8.jpg SAKPONBA NURSERY 2.jpg Rubber Plantation 2.jpg Oil Palm Loose Fruit.jpg Latex drop.jpg _B057293.jpg IMG_9126.jpg _B026214.jpg _B036449.jpg View on Oil Palm Nursery and Factory.jpg Tank Farm.jpg Girl in Nursery.jpg Oil Palm Nursery.JPG _B026392.jpg _B026413.jpg