Siat Group

Siat Group

Siat’s board of directors (the “Board”) is responsible for determining and reviewing the company’s business and strategy and overseeing the overall governance and management. In consultation with the executive management, it shall decide the operational and risk strategies. The Board, with the assistance of its different committees, closely monitors the strategical, business and financial performance of the company, the alignment with stipulated risk appetite and strategies and compliance with applicable rules and regulations. Furthermore, in order to effectively discharge its other duties, the Board shall set up two advisory committees, an Audit & Risk Committee (ARC) and a Governance & Remuneration Committee (GRC).

ARC oversees the internal control systems; reviews issues of risk management, accounting, and financial reporting as well as compliance with the undertakings towards our financial partners and adherence to laws and regulations (including ESG regulations).

GRC covers a series of critical issues around corporate governance, such as nominations of directors and executives, executive pay, diversity, business ethics and governance assurance. It acts as the Board Nominations Committee.


These committees shall provide support to the Board and the CEO to make, each within their delegated authority, appropriate decisions in a timely and efficient manner. The Board appoints a Chief Executive Officer, responsible for the daily management of the Company. Siat manages its subsidiaries and takes an active role in decision making at Board level.

Siat seconds to its subsidiaries permanent experts for the general management of the companies and highly skilled consultants for specific tasks. This facilitates the transfer of its technology and management skills and methods. All companies of the Group are managed in accordance with our Corporate Governance guidelines.