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Estates & assets Nigeria

In Nigeria, Siat holds 60% of the share capital of Presco Plc, a company listed on the Lagos Stock Exchange. Presco is a fully integrated oil palm venture of 23,600 ha of industrial oil palm plantation, an oil mill, a palm kernel crushing plant and a refinery/fractionation plant.

In addition, Siat also holds 100% of Siat Nigeria Limited (SNL). In 2011, SNL acquired from the Rivers State Government the assets of Risonpalm, which comprise a concession of 16,000 hectares of oil palm plantations, including the entire social and industrial infrastructures of the complex. To complete the full integration of all oil palm activities in Nigeria, PRESCO recently acquired 100% of the shares of Siat Nigeria Limited.

When Siat became involved in Presco in 1991, the Company had only the Obaretin Estate with an oil palm plantation size of 3,000 ha. Under Siat’s management, a new expansion programme commenced from 1993 onwards, as a result of which a total of 23,600 ha are planted at the Obaretin, Cowan, Ologbo and Sakponba Estates.

Presco has been listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange since 2002, and has recently been admitted into the NSE 30 index. The Siat Group holds 60% of the shares while 10,000 Nigerian shareholders hold the remaining 40%. Siat manages Presco under a management contract. Presco aspires to remain the leader in the oil palm agro-industry in Nigeria. Through its fully integrated production chain (from seedling to finished product) the company is able to produce speciality oils and fats of outstanding quality to customer’s specification and is able to guarantee reliability of supply of its products the whole year round.

By increasing planted areas and improving yields using modern planting material, the company expects its production to grow. In order to cope with this increase, Presco plans to expand its processing facilities accordingly. This expansion programme will help the company to face its ever increasing demand from its Nigerian clients. Presco continuously invests in research and development in high performing palm hybrids, but also for new products for the food industry.

Ubima estate is currently under replanting. More than 8,000 hectares have recently been replanted in both Ubima and Elele. The new palm oil mill has a capacity of 60 tons of FFB per hour, and the kernel crushing plant can absorb 60 tons per day.

 Facility/Activity  Installed Capacity  Planned Capacity
 Palm Oil Mill & BioGas plant (Obaretin)  90 t FFB/h – 19 K m³  No extension planned
 Palm Oil Mill & BioGas plant (Sakponba)  –  45 t FFB/h – (2025)
 PK nuts Crushing Plant  350 t PK/d  No extension planned
 Refinery  500 t CPO/d  No extension planned
 Fractionation  140 t  CPO/d  280t/d (2024)
 Bottling & Packaging of Olein & Stearin  100 t/d  200 t/d – TBD
 Storage tanks  16,000 t  27,000 t (2021-2027)
 Facility/Activity  Installed Capacity  Planned Capacity
 Palm Oil Mill  60 t FFB/h  90 t FFB/h – 2028
 PK nuts Crushing Plant  200 t PK/d  1.000 t PK/d – 2027
 Storage Tanks  7,200 t  9,200 t 2023 – 13,200t 2027
 POME treatment & BioGas Plant  –  20,000 m³ POME

Presco Plc

Obaretin Estate
Km 22 Benin / Sapele Road
Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area
Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

Tel : +234 803 413 4444 

Siat Nigeria Ltd

Ubima Estate
Km 6 Elele / Owerri Road
Ikwerre Local Government Area, P.O. BOX 757
Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Tel : +234 803 067 6339

Estates & assets Ghana


In Ghana, Siat holds 100% of the share capital of Ghana Oil Palm Development Ltd. The subsidiary cultivates approximately 9,000 hectares of industrial oil palm plantations, from a concession of 14,000 hectares, and provides financial and technical support to 7,000 independent farmers, who cultivate a total of 13,700 hectares of oil palm smallholdings.

GOPDC runs a refinery/fractionation plant with a capacity of 100 tonnes per day. GOPDC has an aggregate storage capacity of 16,000 tonnes both at Kwae, which is located near Kade in the Eastern Region of Ghana, and Tema. A diversification into rubber has started on soils less suitable for oil palm. As at the end of 2018, 750 hectares of rubber have been planted at GOPDC.

Besides the industrial plantations, GOPDC also contributes to the development of plantations of many individual farmers.  These farmers purchase high quality seedlings and fertilizers from the company. GOPDC equally assures a ready market for their crop at a price which is linked to the sales revenue of the oil produced.

The company has been and still is today the driving force of development in the region. It is estimated that the company provides indirectly an income to not less than 50,000 people.

 Facility/Activity  Installed Capacity  Planned Capacity
 Palm Oil Mill & Bio Gas plant (Kwae)  45 t FFB/h – 20 K m³  60 t FFB/h – 2024
 PK nuts Crushing Plant  60 t PK/d  200 t PK/d – 2026
 Refinery/Fractionation  100 t CPO/d  150 t CPO/d – 2023
 Bottling & Packaging of Olein  50 t/d  No extension plan
 Storage Tanks (incl. Tema Port)  18,000 t  20,000 t – 2023

GOPDC Head Office

Ghana Oil Palm Development Ltd
GOPDC Kwae Estate near Kade
Kwaebibirem Municipality
Eastern Region, Ghana

Tel : +233 54 43 34 893


Liaison Office, Courrier, Marketing & Logistics

Plot MS 3
Main Harbour Road
Tema, Ghana

Estates & assets Ivory Coast

In Côte d’Ivoire, Siat holds 100% of Compagnie Hévéicole de Cavally (CHC). CHC runs a rubber plantation of 5,500 ha on a total concession of 7,700 ha. The company also operates an independent smallholders scheme with about 1,200 registered farmers cultivating a total of 13,500 ha of rubber smallholdings. A rubber processing factory is installed and functional within the premises of the plantation with a capacity of 50,000 t/a of crumb rubber. The estate is located in the well-established rubber growing zone near the Ivorian border with Liberia, 27 km from Zagné, in the prefecture of Guiglo in the region of Moyen Cavally.

In August 2007, Siat acquired 100% ownership of Compagnie Hévéicole de Cavally (CHC) from CDC London, who in turn acquired the company from the Government of Ivory Coast in the early eighties.

It is envisaged that Siat would seek an additional area of land to expand the plantation by about 5,000 ha. The development of this new area will be carried out to the highest industry standard. CHC expects to expand the smallholder sector by about 1,000 hectares each year. In order to harness the interest in that  scheme and maximize the area planted by farmers, the Company will actively promote extension services as well as making class “A” bud wood available for smallholder plantings at subsidized prices.


 Facility/Activity Installed Capacity Planned Capacity
 Natural Rubber processing line (2) 150 t DR/d No extension planned
 Wood chips feed water boiler 20 MW No extension planned
 Turbine 1.8 MW No extension planned

Abidjan Head Office

04 BP 161 Abidjan 04

+225 21 24 04 50
Fax : +225 21 24 04 52

Cavally plantation

BP 247 Guiglo

+225 33 70 49 71
Fax : +225 33 70 49 69

San Pedro Office

Zone Portuaire Immeuble BNI

+225 34 71 44 23
Fax : +225 34 71 44 24

Estates & assets Gabon


In Gabon, Siat holds 99% of Siat Gabon. Siat Gabon runs 12,500 ha of rubber plantations. At Mitzic the company operates a crump rubber factory with a capacity of 30,000 tonnes per annum. The entire rubber production is exported.

Divestment is being considered.

As a result of a privatisation exercise implemented by the Government of Gabon in 2003, Siat acquired Agrogabon, Hévégab and the Ranch of Nyanga. On the 5th of April, 2004, the take-over convention for the above mentioned enterprises was signed. Siat Gabon was created in order to accommodate the assets of these SOE’s.

The rubber activity of the company, consists of the Bitam Estate (3,400 ha rubber plantation), the Mitzic Estate (5,000 ha of rubber plantation), the Kango Estate (2,500 ha rubber plantation), the Zilé estate (1,184 ha) and the Ikembele estate (375 ha of mature rubber). Outgrower plantations cover about 2,100 ha.

 Facility/Activity  Installed Capacity  Planned Capacity
 Natural Rubber processing line (1)  100 t DR/d  No extension planned
 Wood chips feed water boiler  16 MW  No extension planned
 Turbine  1.8 MW  No extension planned

Siat Gabon Head Office

B.P. 3928 

Tel.   +241 01 72 22 16  
Fax. +241 01 72 22 17 
e-mail :