Introduction to the Siat Group

Siat is an agro-industrial group of companies specialized in the establishment and management of oil palm and rubber plantations and allied processing and downstream industries. Currently, the group owns 46.100 hectares of oil palm plantations, 24.000 hectares of rubber plantations.  

The group takes a long-term approach to strategic decision-making that recognises the interests of every party involved. Across its subsidiaries in Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon, Ivory Coast and Cambodia, Siat employs over 13.000 people, while its head office is located in Brussels.

The group firmly believes in environmentally responsible management. All factory waste from the oil mills is recycled into the plantation or used as fuel to generate green process steam and electricity. 

The company also assists communities with education and infrastructure developments such as roads, potable water and electricity. This creates stability and commitment, which, in turn, provides security for the group's investments.

"Our vision is to acquire controlling stakes in tropical agro-industrial concerns and manage them in a sustainable and profitable manner."