A better world through
better business

We harness the power of our successful agribusiness to build a better world for all.

Our core business is palm oil and rubber. We grow crops in Africa for Africa, to meet the growing demand for sustainably sourced palm oil and natural rubber, while helping to transform food systems and contributing to rural development and prosperity.

A story of impact

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direct jobs
Improving livelihoods of rural families, through direct employment (+17,000 people) and smallholders engagement (+10,000)
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More than 68% of electricity consumed by Siat is produced from renewable energy sources

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Access to free electricity is vital for economic empowerment of rural people

& clinics

Siat is committed to act as a development agent wherever possible

Transparency leads to transformation

We are strong believers in continuous improvement and we hold a mirror to ourselves to always do better. We publish our Sustainability Reports since 2014. These are easy to read and transparent while communicating as much as possible quantified results.

We understand that sustainability should be intentional and integrated in all what we do. Through the way our business is designed, the decisions and policies we make every day, so our business can be a means to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and ultimately building a better world for all.

Empowering smallholder farmers &
inclusive agriculture

Building resilience of rural people is now more important than ever to avoid a food crisis and to safeguard rural livelihoods. Siat is more than a plantation company. We are committed to support an inclusive agriculture to secure consistent income for small scale farmers, while also protecting ecosystems.

Our support to smallholders :

Adopting sustainable agricultural practices

Access to high-yield and resistant planting materials

Market access

Digital payment

Adopting sustainable agricultural practices

Access to high-yield & resistant planting materials

Market access

Digital payment

30 years of
local knowledge

Siat is an agro-industrial group specialized in oil palm and rubber plantations and allied processing and downstream industries.

Across our subsidiaries in Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon, Ivory Coast and Cambodia, Siat employs over 15.000 people. We are a significant employer in rural Africa, with our head office is located in Brussels, Belgium.

Research & Development,
a long term commitment

Siat commits to research and innovation that encompasses both agronomic R&D for yield intensification and process optimization as well as strategic long-term partnerships that keep us at the forefront of planting material development and agricultural digitalization.