Focus : Presco, mechanism for land dispute resolution

Land dispute are inevitable especially with population increase and demand for more resources vis-à-vis human needs. Addressing this could be sometimes complicated due to prevailing traditional, cultural practices and the number of parties/stakeholders involved.

However, as a corporate organization, Siat has developed strategies and a framework to ensure that land disputes are prevented. In a situation where this is unavoidable, the following mechanism is in place to address and resolve such disputes:

  • Stakeholders identifcation: this helps to identify and explore tools for analysis and for better understanding by interested parties, of their respective needs and concerns in relation to the land issue(s).
  • Respect for each other’s concerns and interests: using the FPIC process, mutual respect is safeguarded in order that each party’s concerns and interest on the land are respectfully
  • Engagement and dialogue: through dialogue, relevant stakeholders deliberate on the identifed issue and develop innovative approach(es) to resolving the conflict and building a win-win position between the parties involved.
  • Mediation: in the event that both parties could not resolve the issues through dialogue and engagement, a third party may be sought as a mediator to assist and guide the parties towards resolution. The mediator does not decide the outcome but helps the parties understand and focus on the important issues needed to reach a mutualy benefcial resolution.

The beauty of this approach is that the outcome usually results in mutual respect, understanding, and goodwill.